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Bingo and the mind

Bingo has been used as an educational tool to promote intellectual stimulation and teach youngsters about probability for years. It has also become, in recent years, a suggested treatment to combat mental deterioration in the elderly and middle aged. This is not based on bar-room science, but is supported by governmental studies. The Welsh assembly commissioned a report into the detrimental effects of dementia and Alzheimer's and the findings are interesting. There is strong evidence to suggest that taking up a new activity which is mentally stimulating and intellectually engaging will stave off the effects of dementia and Alzheimer's. One of the suggested activities was bingo and tests have shown that those who keep their minds active are 47% more likely to avoid dementia or Alzheimer's later in life. On-line bingo provides the perfect solution, particularly for those who are housebound because of age or affliction. On-line bingo can be played in any location, is able to keep your mind active and alert and is also a proven way to socialise with a large community.

There are several main attributes to bingo that make it stimulating and conducive to mental protection. Firstly it requires your visual skills as you examine the bingo card quickly, checking off the numbers calls out as soon as you have them. It consequently requires good hand-eye co-ordination if you want to stay ahead of the competition and win. Research has shown that, contrary to previously held opinions, your abilities in these physical and mental skills do not deteriorate over age but rather are lost through misuse. Another interesting statistic shows that while younger bingo players are able to move slightly quicker than their older rivals, the older players are more thorough and likely to fill out their tickets correctly.

If you are still able to get down to a physical bingo hall, this is more recommended for several reasons. Not only will the physical movement be beneficial, but the face to face social interaction and general excitement of the bingo hall is something many people are already enjoying well into their latter years. You might combine your visit into a weekly schedule that includes evening classes, day trips and other mental and physical activities which will strengthen your mind and body.

You may be wondering how it is that bingo, both on-line and off and other mental activities can counteract such damaging diseases. It is believed that through the mental stimulation such activities afford that the brain cell connections can be strengthened and maintained. Brain damage or long periods of under use can cause problems like dementia in old age, but by keeping your brain trained it can survive and operate for much longer. Bingo is not the only activity that you might consider. Everything from learning a new instrument to just completing the crossword in the daily newspaper will help to kick start your brain and preserve its integrity in the face of time's inevitable ravages.

All of these benefits of bingo contribute not just to your ability within the sport itself but to your general well-being, your self-confidence, social skills and societal standing. Relationships are formed in the bingo halls around the world, as well as on-line and many people have met their soul mates in the bingo chat rooms on-line thanks to shared interests and passions. All monetary benefits aside, bingo has some demonstrable health benefits which can benefit people of all ages.

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