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Bingo Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are a mainstay of on-line casinos, but they have also been welcomed into on-line bingo thanks to the huge amounts of prize money on offer. The totals are accumulated from the money spent on smaller bingo games and the prizes on offer can be in the tens of thousands. In general, to win a progressive jackpot prize in an on-line bingo game, you will need to have satisfied a set of requirements. For example you may need to get a full house within a set number of balls, at which point you will automatically be entitled to the contents of the progressive jackpot. However, like most progressive jackpot schemes, you may have had to contribute a significant amount to the pot in order to be eligible for the win. This is not always the case and many people look at progressive bingo as an investment.

Progressive Jackpot Growth

The amounts of money available in a progressive jackpot game vary wildly. For the most part they are lower in bingo games than they are for other progressive jackpot games on-line, like slot machines. Some are available in excess of £100 and are won regularly because of relatively easy win criteria. The higher value pots are also available and often start from a fixed amount and increase each time that the jackpot is not won. For example, £10,000 may be the starting jackpot and with each consecutive game in which it is not won it will increase according to how much money has been wagered. In general the higher value progressive jackpot games will have a higher ticket price. However, since there is no way of predicting or knowing when a progressive jackpot will be won there is the potential for very high jackpots to become available in modestly priced games.

Progressive Jackpot Rankings

There are several places you can head on-line to check out the latest progressive jackpot totals across a variety of the most popular on-line bingo sites. These kinds of lists are incredibly useful if you want to attempt to win a progressive jackpot. Not only will you be able to see the current running total, but you will also be able to see when the last jackpot was won and how the current total may grow. Once the jackpot has built up to a suitable amount you can then get involved yourself and stand more of a chance of winning if you have analysed the statistics carefully. There are many sites offering progressive jackpots, but at the moment Jackpotjoy have the largest progressive winnings pool, totalling nearly £100,000. As you might imagine, the frequency with which this large jackpot is won is low and it has been over a month since the last big win. This is similarly responsible for the incredible size of the current jackpot. The smaller progressive jackpots which can be won more frequently are widely available, with Foxy Bingo offering progressive games several times each day. The attraction of progressive jackpots in on-line bingo is clear as it adds another potential for monetary gain, thanks to the random number generators that decide the fates of players around the world.

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