Online Bingo Tournaments are now live at UK Bingo. Running from Friday to Sunday & each Monday. Get full details here!
Online Bingo Tournaments are now live at UK Bingo. Running from Friday to Sunday & each Monday. Get full details here!

Online Bingo Tournaments

UK Bingo Tournaments are a popular feature with our players, and we host several tournament games each week. The format of our bingo tournaments is ticket-based. That means there are qualifying games to reach the final stages of the tournaments. All of our Bingo Tournaments are real money games. That means bonus funds can not be used to acquire bingo tickets. We think that you will find the cost of the games to be reasonable.

The winning prizes are many, many multiples above what a ticket price costs. We do, though, limit tickets per game to 96 bingo tickets. You can also pre-buy tournament tickets if you know you are going to be out or busy.

Details of Weekend Bingo Tournaments

It’s the Weekend, and it just got better. Online Bingo Tournaments are now playable at UK Bingo each weekend. No more fussing about flicking through TV channels. Well, you can do that as well if you want to. Our new Weekend Bingo Tournament feature is live, and below is what they have to offer!

Bingo Tournament games take place every weekend and start on a Friday night. Friday is the weekend, right. The initial tournament game will begin at 7 PM and will run until 8:50 PM. I know that 7 PM is prime time for all sorts of home happenings. You can, though, prebuy bingo tournament tickets to the game so that you don’t miss out. Tickets for the Bingo Tournaments cost 5 pence per ticket. There is a total prize pool of £250 per night on offer.

Weekend Bingo Tournaments Information

Take part in the first game as there are some great prizes to be won, including Free Tickets to the Final round and Free Spins on Slot games. The final round, there are two of them each evening, takes place at 9:00 & 9:10 PM. The prize pot per game is £125.00 in prize money. With two final tournament games running per night each weekend, that’s a total of £250 per night in Bingo Tournament prizes.

Bingo Tournament Prize Levels

The prizes of the first Bingo Tournament game including free tickets to the final game and free spins. Details are as follows:

Weekend Bingo Tournament Final Game Prizes

So you’ve made to the final bingo tournament game. That’s fantastic, this is what we have in store for you in terms of prizes each and every single day of the weekend. That would be twice each day of the weekend to be more accurate.

Where Can I Find The Weekend Bingo Tournaments

Once you have logged into UK Bingo, there will be a Tab In the Lobby area. The Tab is called “Weekend Tournament”. Click on the tab, and you will view the first room. The first room is, of course, the room that awards prizes, including tickets to the final game and free spins. This room is named “Win Finals Tickets”. Yes, we know, it’s a very imaginative room name. It does what it says on the label, though.

Royal Room Kickstarter Bingo Tournament

The Kickstarter Bingo Tournament is aptly named. It takes place on a Monday evening and is designed to Kickstart you week. Join in the fun at this bingo tournament for a very low ticket price and perhaps the Gods of Bingo will smile on you. The Kickstarter Bingo games take place in the Royal Room.

The qualifying games take place between 8 PM and 8:54 PM. The Tournament Finale rather aptly named Kickstarter Final is at 10 PM. There is a total prize pool of £200. Tickets cost two pence and only 96 tickets per game are permitted.

The Royal Room is an Exclusive to UK Bingo room and there is always a lot happening in there. UK Bingo is a licensed UKGC site and is proud to offer the best UK Licensed Bingo tournaments.

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