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Free Bingo

Play free bingo at UK Bingo now!

Lots of bingo sites are now offering bingo play for a 0% deposit, i.e. without having to pay anything at all - just search on google and you'll see what we mean.... there's hundreds of 'em. However often the jackpots are really small, the rooms are jam packed, and there is no real chance of winning - its all a bit of a con (with the greatest respect to our other bingo site buddies!)

However did you know that you can actually play for free at UK Bingo by just signing up or by refering your mates to us?! You can play in all the games, with a chance of winning much bigger jackpots, chatting to all your bingo roomies, and you can save a bit of money in the mean time! Clever eh?!

Here's how

Open an account with UK Bingo

Receive 1000 loyalty points which you can turn into cash and play bingo with right away

Refer a friend and receive 5000 loyalty points

Use your loyalty points to buy free bingo cards at UK Bingo have fun, and if possible win. All without dipping into your purse at all! What could be better!

We know all about the other bingo sites with these kind of offers, we're saying they are all bad, indeed why not also check out bingo from our friends at cheeky? We just think that you should read the small print, and check exactly what the terms and conditions say, and other criteria you have to fulfil before you receive any cards gratis - what you see is what you get with UK Bingo. After all what is it they say about lunches? UK bingo have actually been offering our users a chance to play bingo without spending a penny ever since we started back in 2003, and we feel it is probably time we started to brag about it! We think that is another example of why you should trust us, the friendly bingo site you know, especially if your credit has been slightly crunched, rather than be seduced by that horrible fox, or Vic Reeves dressed in drag!

UK Bingo, proudly flying the flag since 2003! (BTW our flag girl is called Milly!)

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