Get 90 Ball Bingo Games & Hel& Rules! Get full information on how to take part in 90 balls UK Bingo Games Here!
Get 90 Ball Bingo Games & Hel& Rules! Get full information on how to take part in 90 balls UK Bingo Games Here!

90 Ball Bingo Help

90 Ball Bingo Game Overview

The most well-known version of bingo in the UK is 90-ball bingo. Players opt-in to a 90-ball bingo game by purchasing numbered bingo tickets. A caller calls out numbers randomly, and if they appear on a player’s ticket, the player covers them or ‘daubs’ them. A 1st place winner is the player that covers any 1 line pattern, the 2nd place winner covers any 2 line pattern, and the Full House winner covers all three lines on the ticket.

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90-Ball Bingo Ticket

90 Ball Bingo Game Ticket - UK Bingo

The tickets above is a typical 90-ball bingo ticket

  1. The tickets sold at 90-ball Bingo games consist of a 3×9 chart of numbers. Each line of 9 boxes displays five numbers and four empty spots.
  2. The lines are arranged in this manner:1-9 in the 1st Column10-19 in the 2nd Column20-29 in the 3rd Column30-39 in the 4th Column40-49 in the 5th Column50-59 in the 6th Column60-69 in the 7th Column70-79 in the 8th Column80-90 in the 9th Column.
  3. The game of 90-ball Bingo gets played on strips of 6 tickets, with a tiny exception. One strip displays the total of the numbers 1-90 spread around the six tickets so that a number gets covered at each bingo call.
90 Ball Bingo Game Lobby - Bingo Sites UK

Bingo Caller

  1. The numbers 1 – 90 make up the game of 90-ball bingo.
  2. A caller calls these numbers out one at a time as the bingo system withdraws them.
  3. At every single game, each number only gets called once.

90 Ball Bingo Winning Patterns

When it comes to 90-ball bingo games, three successive patterns can bring you a win, and each pattern has its prize.

In some cases, players can collect all 3 of the prizes during one game if they are the first to achieve all three patterns.

90 Ball Bingo Game Winning Patterns - UK Bingo

Payouts & Jackpots – 90 Ball

In most cases, the size of a game’s payout gets defined by the cost per ticket and the number of players who opted into the game. The higher the ticket price and the more players that join a game will cause the prize to be more significant. Occasionally, we offer a fixed minimum prize regardless of the number of players who participate and the tickets’ price. Extra jackpot can also be on offer in a select number of bingo games.

Players can find details about a game’s jackpot in the info bar located on top of the ticket strips, ahead of a game and throughout the game.

90 Ball Game Options

Click on the Options button in the right corner of the screen to customise the bingo interface so that it matches your needs.

90 Ball Bingo Game Options - UK Bingo

Choose the settings that appear in the centre of the screen of your choice and click OK. You can go back into these settings and alter them at any point in time.

Settings Available:

Price alert: This lets you enable or disable the card price presentation within the bingo rooms.

Show 3TG: This stands for “Show 3 to go”, and if you select it, the bingo system will highlight your tickets that only have 1, 2 or 3 numbers left to cover until you win.

Auto daub: If you select this setting, the system will cover the called numbers that appear on your card for you.

IMPORTANT: It doesn’t matter if you manually daub the numbers or select auto-daub to have it done for you. It does not affect the outcome of the game. If you own a bingo card with a win, the prize is yours no matter what!

Best Card First: Displays your card nearest to winning on the screen in the top left corner.

Ticket Selection – 90 Ball

You may choose the strips and tickets you want to bingo with by clicking on each one, or you can have the bingo system select them arbitrarily.

Manual Selection of Tickets

You can choose one ticket or strip at a time by clicking on each one you want to purchase. Alternatively, you can use “Click to Select Strip” to choose an entire strip. If a strip displayed doesn’t feel right to you, you can click on “Get New Strip”. The current strip will disappear and get replaced with a new one. However, the tickets in the current strip that you already chose will remain. You can click on the red button in the centre with the arrow to alternate between the four strips available.

Selecting you tickets – Automatically

If having the bingo system choose your tickets for you sounds appealing, then you can click on the number of strips you’d like to purchase in the “Auto Select Strips” box. Once you have made your auto selection, you can click on any of the tickets one at a time and remove them from the strips. Your auto selected tickets total will appear underneath the auto select strips area.

Buying 90 Ball Bingo Tickets - Bingo UK

Buying Tickets

The prerequisite for entering a bingo game is the purchase of at least one 90 ball bingo ticket.

The maximum number of tickets you can purchase in a single game is 96 (16 strips). It is only possible to buy tickets after you have funded your bingo account with the right amount of funds. You’ll always be able to view your account balance at the top of the bingo screen. To deposit into your account anytime, click the “Cashier/Banking”.

Buying 90 Ball Bingo Tickets - UK Bingo Sites

The price per ticket is visible on the bingo screen’s left-hand side on the top/Card itself and the purchase panel.

Playing 90 Ball Bingo Game

After you purchase tickets for a bingo game, the next step is to wait for the game to begin. You can keep track of the time left until the game starts by checking the “Game Starts” countdown, which appears in the top left corner of the bingo screen.

Playing 90 Ball Bingo -

New bingo games begin every few minutes, so the wait is never long. Once the game starts, all the details you need to play will appear in an info bar on top of your tickets. For example, you’ll see the number of players playing the game, the available prizes for the patterns (1 line, two lines and Full House) and the jackpot prizes.

As the game gets played, the prize winners are displayed, and the ticket symbol on the above right switches to show the following winning pattern in line.

Each number that gets called during the game appears in the top left-hand corner inside a bingo ball. Underneath/Besides it, you’ll find the last five calls that came before it so that you can keep track.

Daubing Your Numbers

Our bingo room lets you decide whether you want to daub your bingo tickets manually with your mouse or have the system daub your tickets for you, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting a number. The default selection is the automatic method, but you can change the options menu settings by removing the checkmark beside “Autodaub” if you prefer to daub manually. You can open your settings from the top left-hand corner of the bingo screen.

Daubing Your Bingo Numbers - Bingo UK

IMPORTANT: It doesn’t matter if you manually daub the numbers or select auto-daub to have it done for you. It does not affect the outcome of the game. If you own a bingo card with a win, the prize is yours no matter what!

You always have the option of turning Auto-daub back on whenever you like


  1. If a player gets a winning pattern on their bingo card, the game will stop for a short period to display a message informing you of who won the game and how much they collected.
  2. At the end of a game, three winners get presented to bingo game players.

The game RTP (return to player) in the Bingo 90-ball game is affected by ticket price and the number of tickets purchased in each game.

Winning a 90 Ball Bingo Game - UK Bingo Winners


We understand that sometimes internet connections can be lost and that you might get disconnected whilst playing a game. If this happens, the system will continue to auto-daub for you, and you’ll get awarded any prizes you may have won during your short time away.

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